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Wed, Aug. 4th, 2004, 10:39 am
beguile86: for those of you still in school...

let me encourage everyone to take this year seriously and give it over to God. let him work through you and challenge yourself to making the biggest difference you can. don't go back the same. live your daily life so that people recognize that there is something different about you. get friends that aren't saved to hunger after what they see you have...

for me personally, a few of my band friends bring their guitars to school. we have acoustic praise and worship every morning just outside the school. and then there is lunch, many teacher give up their rooms for bible study and it is a great time to eat physically and spiritually.

don't have any regrets. don't sit back and wonder what you can do. make a point to figure out how you can further the kingdom while at school...since you have to go anyway...<>