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Wed, Jun. 9th, 2004, 01:13 pm

I remember being in school not too long after school shootings becoming popular... and our school had a lock-down. No one knew what was going on and we all feared the worst... but for I was able to calm my classmates down. We were all on the floor and some were sort of panicking and I just started talking to one of my friends about why there was no reason for me to fear what was going to happen. Others in my room began to join the convo and ask questions... when it came down to it... many of them did not understand my lack of fear when it came to this situation. I was given not only peace in this situation but also a chance to be a witness. It all turned out ok in the end and nothing happened to anyone... but it was sort of a weird experience. I was later referred to as "the one who isn't afraid of dying."

I think that the moment we allow ourselves as Christians to fear death is the moment when we have really allowed Satan to grasp our hearts. For a Chrisitan... death should not be feared... I actually look forward to it (not to be weird or anything) but I'll be going to spend eternity with my God. What more could I ever ask for?!